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Day 15 - Favorite female character

Much like with yesterday's answer, I thought figuring this one out would be much harder than it actually turned out to be. I started by scrolling through my list of favorite television shows, compiling a list of preferred female characters: Ambassador Delenn, Lyta Alexander, Starbuck (aka Kara Thrace), George Lass, Roxie, Zoe, Lina Inverse, Dr. Girlfriend, Veronica Mars, Donna Noble, Special Agent Dana Scully, and so forth... but the search was over when I thought of her:

Yeah, my favorite female character is Buffy. Her resilience, courageousness, commitment, fieriness, capacity for love, silly one-liners, and even her massive mistakes have all combined into one amazing, kick-ass woman.

The image above was the cover illustration on the first installment of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer comic series representing S8. Art by Jo Chen - one of my favorite illustrations of Buffy ever.

Quixote's favorite was also equally clear to him:

"In all the shows I've watched, The X-Files was the only one in which I felt that the female character could carry the show. Scully is awesome." - Quixote


"Scully is smart, Scully kicks ass, and she's not mired in her own prejudices to the point where she can't admit when she's wrong. She's eminently competent." - Quixote

Damn straight, honey. (The picture used in the above motivational poster is from a wallpaper available at this post by Mer-Moonchild.)

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