Jun. 28th, 2010

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Day 22 - Favorite series finale

The problem I have with this question is that so many of my favorite series have not had actual series finales. Or, you know, they're still on the air (yay!). Also, of my favorite series, the ones that did have series finales tended to be incredibly underwhelming or downright awful (I see you over there, Lost).

All that said, I have go with Star Trek: The Next Generation. I remember watching it in real-time at 13, feeling sad and yet also satisfied with the send-off of my beloved Enterprise and her crew. At that time, I felt like the finale had done right by the show. (I haven't re-watched an appreciable run of the series in the past 16 years, so I don't know if I'd feel differently as an adult.)

Also, curmudgeonly Picard is totally awesome and, while I don't normally support barking at housekeepers, his grumbling about Darjeeling breakfast tea1 is classic.

In any case, the Star Trek: The Next Generation finale was a far cry better than The X-Files overdue close, Buffy the Vampire Slayers' poor stab at epic-level battles, Battlestar Galactica's teeth-grinding nonsense, Lost's contemptible malarkey, Angel the Series' cliffhanger, etc.

Quixote reflected long and hard, finally concluding that he had to go with The Prisoner. The first time he watched it, he felt like he had gone mad. He describes this experience thusly, "The first time I watched this, I had a 102 F fever, and it was in the middle of a hurricane. I thought that I had gone insane." He continues to describe the finale as a magnificent episode with the balls to continue being quintessential The Prisoner: never apologizing, never flinching, and reveling in itself as a great, big unraveling ball of WTF allegory.

Also, he adds, it had the absolutely fantastic spectacle of 6 slaughtering brightly-colored henchmen to the Beetle's "All You Need is Love."

And there you have it.

1. There's a bit of an amusing anecdote in my continued mis-remembering of Picard's interactions with the housekeeper re: Darjeeling vs. breakast tea.

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