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Day 17 - Favorite mini series

For this question, I found it necessary to define miniseries for myself as a television show comprised of more than two parts. This allowed me to exclude the Discworld miniseries, which is rather necessary to give any other shows a fighting chance. (Somewhat joking on the fighting chance bit, but I really love the Discworld and the adaptations have been quite well done.1)

This being said, I still found myself with more than one favorite (as usual). In this case, at least, just two.

Band of Brothers

This series is one of the most brilliant I've ever seen, featuring an excellent complement of actors, good attention to historical detail, and marvelous production values. I found it difficult to watch on more than one occasion, because of its faithful depiction of the horror of war. As rewarding as I found the viewing experience, it'll be a while before I feel the desire to watch it again. Indeed, though, it'll remain one of my favorite ever miniseries.

Quixote agrees with me here, statingly baldy that Band of Brothers is "stupidly awesome." He goes on that the miniseries is the perfect blend of historical accuracy and good storytelling, which is quite important to him as a history teacher. He continues that it's perfectly directed, compelling, and educational and seems to think it's silly that he has to explain it that far.

(I read that previous paragraph to him and all he had to say was an absent "Indeed." ;))

The 10th Kingdom

I bought this series on a whim for my birthday last year as it came highly recommended by a couple of my dearest friends. I knew essentially nothing about it, and wound up watching it one weekend while my husband was out of town. I was completely captivated by the tale that unfolded, and so emotionally involved that I experienced a tearful catharsis in the end. (There were things about the narrative I could personally relate to.) As twee and cute as parts of it can be, the whole is something dark and light and all over beautiful. It will always be special to me.

Quixote would like me to include a note on his runners-up for the position of "best miniseries" in his opinion:

Children of Dune - This miniseries represents the best filmed version of any Dune novel, and therefore is automatically a favorite in his estimation. He acknowledges that it definitely has its flaws, but it was enoguh to satisfy him. (Frank Herbert's Dune novels are among his favorite series of all time ever.) (I agree that this is one excellent miniseries.)

V (1980s) - V was one of those formative science fiction shows of his youth: cheesy nowadays, but still a very important work for SF at large. Quite a number of TV shows and movies crib from V today. Quixote also remarks that it was a good allegory for the Holocaust at the same time. (See, history element: important!)

1. I love Hogfather a bit more than Color of Magic, but they're both fab. I still haven't had a chance to watch Going Postal.

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