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Another picspam for a challenge hosted by Big Bang Land! This one features five of my favorite conversations from Season 1 of The Big Bang Theory.

I found my caps at Caps by Emma-Jane and


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Big Bang Land hosted a picspam challenge, and I chose to explore five of my favorite Sheldon moments! I tried not to go with the totally obvious favorite moments (for me) in this picspam, so you won't find any pics from "The Panty Pinata Polarization" or "The Work Song Nanocluster" or "The Barbarian Sublimation" or "The Einstein Approximation," or... I'll stop there. What can I say? Sheldon is just a whole bucket of ♥s to me.

I got my caps from Caps by Emma-Jane and, except for one notable exception: the winking-Penny cap was specifically taken for me by [personal profile] kasiopeia (once more, sugar, you are fabulous!).


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Behold! My first attempt at a fanmix, in this case a collection of geek anthems for The Big Bang Theory. It was part of a challenge over at [profile] bigbang_land, but I've been wanting to try my hand at putting together a fanmix for a bit. I'm really hoping that the collection works and isn't rubbish: thoughts?

There are no music files, alas. Instead, I've linked to a video for each song (where available). I tried to seek out the geekiest videos available, though!

Enjoy! The mix (and larger covers) are behind the cut!

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I like understated wallpapers, so I grabbed these designs from Think Geek and attempted to achieve geek chic!

(The previews may look a little squished - click on the links below for the full version in several resolutions!)


"You actually had it right in the first place. Once again, you've fallen for one of my classic pranks. Bazinga!"
Dr. Sheldon Cooper, PhD in "The Monopolar Expedition"


Lizard Spock Expansion

"Ooh, I don’t think so. No, anecdotal evidence suggests that in the game of rock-paper-scissors, players familiar with each other will tie 75 to 80
percent of the time due to the limited number of outcomes. I suggest rock-paper-scissors-lizard-Spock."
Dr. Sheldon Cooper, PhD in "The Lizard Spock Expansion"

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Behold! 50 The Big Bang Theory icons!
Comment, credit, enjoy!


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In honor of Big Bang Land's Big Bang, I made a number of The Big Bang Theory icons and six headers. The balance leans heavily toward Sheldon (and Penny!), but all the major characters are represented at least once (including Leslie Winkle and Bernadette!).


The header above is 700x350; all remaining headers are 750 x 350. Five more below!

+5 Big Bang Theory headers )


Comment, credit, and enjoy! Here's a preview:


28 icons )

I do requests, so if there's different text you want on any of these, just let me know! (I make no promises as to the timely fulfillment of these requests, however! ;))
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Day 29 - Current TV show obsession

Quixote and I share an answer on this one: Doctor Who.

I don't have near enough memorabilia to my liking, but I expect that'll be remedied in time. Right now, I have my iPhone kitted out DW-style, with TARDIS wallpaper and Nine's theme as my ringtone. I wanted to make the TARDIS landing sound my text-receipt signal, but the iPhone apparently won't let you change that (at least not in the same manner as the ringtones). I'm also plotting to get a blue police box-skin and a clear case to complete the conceit. ;)

Quixote and I are rewatching the series now, starting with the excellent Mr. Hartnell and going on. This is quite an undertaking, plagued with horrendous trials such as missing episodes. But we mean to triumph as much as possible!

I should also append here that my secondary obsession is currently The Big Bang Theory: I only began watching the show in March, but I already own S1 on DVD, have hunted down and watched the original pilot, joined a challenge community for the show, made a ridiculous number of graphics for it, purchased a Lizard-Spock expansion shirt, and even written fanfic (thus breaking a ten-year fanfic dryspell). I've also probably read more Penny/Sheldon fanfic than is strictly healthy, but I don't regret a thing!

Short answer on this, our penultimate 30 Days of TV meme, I know. Thing is, though, that I have to be up at 3:55 AM to work from 4-8, so I'd best be getting some sleep.

30 Days of TV: The List )
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Day 21 - Favorite 'ship

Without reservation, I give you:

Is there a 'ship so pure as Supernatural's Dean and the Impala? ;) I think not!

There are a couple others that I favor, such as Sookie/Eric (True Blood) and and the potentially controversial Ned/Olive (Pushing Daisies). However, my second favorite 'ship on television is also not romantic at all:

I ship snarky/platonic! )

Again, Quixote says he has no answer to this question... but he's also willing to concur with my primary answer.

30 Days of TV: The List )
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I am avoiding my flist until I have a chance to watch the Doctor Who series finale, and am also babying my wrist due to its carpal tunnel syndrome woes. I'm hoping to manage my 30 Days of TV meme post later, but for now have some The Big Bang Theory motivational posters I whipped up for Big Bang Land.

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Thanks to this site for the caps! And thanks to this easy Motivational Poster generator.

Geek Love

Jun. 8th, 2010 03:10 pm
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A few weeks ago, I spent an incredibly stressful early afternoon driving in Atlanta traffic. Drivers here are reckless and aggressive, which is in no way my favorite combination ever. I'd nearly missed our exit thanks to this behavior, and then had a harrowing change of lanes just after the near miss.

By the time we got to a stoplight where I could breathe, I was white-knuckled in my grip on the steering wheel and hunched forward in my seat. And although my husband had attempted to be helpful earlier with lane-checks and the like, this was the point at which he offered the most productive assistance.

He reached over, rubbing my neck gently, and sang "Soft Kitty."

Between the resulting laughter and the soothing comfort of the lyrics, I was right as rain in a minute's time. That's geek love.

* * *

Apropos of the phrase "geek love," how many of you have heard the song of the same title by Sophia Echegaray? You can listen to the song here: it's cute, and I really recommend it.

Geek Love Lyrics! )
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Title: The Sharpie Tattoo Syllogism
Rating: PGish?
Word Count: 572
Disclaimer: The Big Bang Theory is not my sandbox; I just like playing in it. All fun, no profit.
Notes: This is a Penny/Sheldon fic and a one shot. Thanks to [personal profile] blueinsideout for the beta!

Penny takes the time to research a Chinese character. )
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Title: The Selective Mutism Trait [The Big Bang Theory]
Rating: G
Word count: 100
Origin: For Big Bang Land's "Anything Can Happen Thursday!" The requirements were that the drabble be exactly 100 words long and use one of a number of proscribed words: I chose Star Trek.
Disclaimer: The Big Bang Theory is not my sandbox; I just like playing in it. All fun, no profit.
Notes: Apparently this was good practice for me, because I had a devil of a time limiting myself to 100 words. It got a chuckle out of my husband: I hope it can do so with some of you. Originally posted here, re-posted at my journal for consolidation purposes.

Short!fic is short. )

And just for comparison's sake, here's the drabble when it was 150 words (i.e. pre-chainsaw):

Short!fic is less short. )
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I just recently set up a Twitter account, and started following The Big Bang Theory's stream, naturally. Which brings me to this:

That was apparently taken at the CBS Upfronts... and look! Jim Parsons is wearing a Sheldon jacket! And Sheldon's shoes! So, what I'm saying is that this needs to happen on the show. Shatner likes guest-starring as himself, and it would be awesome.

How about it, guys? And if they could get Leonard Nimoy as well - in spite of the restraining order - that would be a fucking coup.

*starry eyes*

So, right, Twitter... if anyone fancies following me (or letting me know where you are so I can follow you), I'm there as ladyofjest.
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For years, dear friends of mine had been crowing about the hilarity of this show called The Big Bang Theory. I'm partial to nerdhumor and a geek myself, so I figured I'd probably enjoy it... but I dragged my feet because the show's a sitcom. I finally succumbed on March 10th, getting the first disc of the first season from Netflix...

And I was up-to-date with the current season by May 3rd. ...yeah, I mainlined it. I couldn't help it! Such short, hilarious episodes. I quickly became accustomed to the laugh track and the show became an indispensable element of my relaxation routine.

I have many thoughts about this show, but one thing that quickly emerged was this: I ship Penny/Sheldon. Utterly and completely. Now, I don't ship them romantically on the show itself: as I'm fond of saying, "I ship snarky/platonic." I really believe that Sheldon is essentially asexual at this point on the show, however...

Oh, fanfic and AUs, you are naughty, tempting things.

Thanks to Disquietus and Daily OTP, I have been introduced to the awesome [personal profile] damalur.

Specifically, I was introduced to her Lifeverse... which I couldn't stop reading.

Which led me to perusing the rest of that community and finding:
"The God of Clockwork & Strings"

As Penny would say, "holy crap on a cracker!" That fic is amazing. Once I figured out what she was doing, I was all agog at her daring and that she pulls it off. I, just... if you like Penny/Sheldon, if you like a little experiment with your fiction, if you like an intelligent read with the humor of the show and little, painful icicles of beautiful pathos and the infinitude of what-might-have-been... just read it. And then read it again.

[personal profile] damalur, I applaud you!

Now, if you'll excuse me... the lovely [personal profile] blueinsideout sent me a massive rec-mail of Penny/Sheldon fic and I need to dive right in!

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