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Day 30 - Saddest character death

There are a couple that have deeply affected me: I cried pretty hard over spoiler ) in Battlestar Galactica; it was just so sudden and largely inexplicable and she was so lost. I also spent some time crying over spoiler ) in Angel, and I'd just like to say Joss Whedon is an asshole who really likes to milk character deaths for maximum pain. In keeping with that, spoiler )'s death in Buffy the Vampire Slayer was also deeply affecting. (As was spoiler )'s death - possibly the most affecting of all, but it was also the only correct and true conclusion to S5. Plus, spoiler ).)

However, when I tried to determine which one had been the worst, the saddest, and the most infuriating, there was really only one answer:

Spoilers for Lost. )

Quixote agrees with me, but wanted to mention another death that affected him deeply and when he was very young:

Spoilers for Classic Who. )

30 Days of TV: The List )
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Day 27 - Best pilot episode

In October of 2004, I was living in Japan. I'd just started a new job teaching English; at my branch, I met and became fast friends with B, who invited me over to her place and promised a show that had to be seen to be believed.

After working, going out to dinner, and then making our way back to Ikuta, we settled in for the pilot of a show called Lost. I'd seen some references to the show around Livejournal, but nothing much more. Her mother was taping the show and mailing them to her once she'd gotten a few recorded.

An eye opened and then SHIT GOT REAL. The pilot was heart-pounding and disorienting and wholly absorbing. We eagerly watched everything her mother had sent and spent hours talking about it when we should've been sleeping for work the next day. (Luckily, we were both scheduled to work the afternoon shift.)

Lost has literally one of the most arresting pilots I have ever seen. I've been gung-ho on many shows from the first episode, but I've never been as floored and swept away as I have been by Lost.

I was responsible for Quixote's conversion; he'd vaguely wanted to watch Lost for a while, but never really managed to start. When I returned from Japan, we borrowed the first season of Lost from an associate of his and another fan was born.

Or, in Quixote's words: "After watching the pilot of Lost, you didn't just feel the desire to watch the next episode, you almost felt the need. And that continues throughout the entirety of the first season."

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Note: There are massive spoilers below for The Venture Brothers, Supernatural, Lost, Battlestar Galactica, and Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Day 26 - OMG WTF? Season finale

I always seem to get behind these on the weekends, and this one is no different. What is different is that a family tragedy is behind the delay. I should be attending a wedding in a few hours, but there's now no wedding to attend.

I can't think of many season finales that completely blew my mind, so let's do a short list of those that made me and Quixote flail. In order of increasing flail:

5. The Venture Brothers, S1: "Return to Spider-Skull Island"

Not only does Rusy have a tumor that ends up being surgically removed only to skitter away and scientifically engineer itself a robot body so that it can kick Rusty's ass... but the boys run away in a fit of jealousy, get "scared straight" by the Monarch in jail, and then get themselves blown up (for keeps!) by the Monarch's henchmen.

4. Supernatural, S1: "Devil's Trap"

This cliffhanger had me scramblin for the Internet to double-check that the series had actually been renewed, because it was so macabrely perfect that it could've served as a suitable end to the show. It was and I sighed a sigh of relief... but, holy hell, it would have worked.

3. Lost, S5: "The Incident"

We get our first glimpse of Jacob, along with his mysterious counterpart. Just in time for Ben to kill Jacob, stabbing him repeatedly at the behest of John Locke. Who, and here's the shocker, is not actually John Locke. That was the most upsetting thing for me, realizing that Locke was actually dead and something terrible was wearing his face.

2. Battlestar Galactica, S1: "Kobol's Last Gleaming" (Part 2)

Sharon's not just a Cylon, she's a sleeper agent! There's a military coup! Apollo is arrested for mutiny! Starbuck abandons her post to pursue the Arrow of Apollo! But, most shockingly... Sharon manages to shoot Commander Adama twice in the stomach before the episode ends. At that point in time, as Quixote says, no one knew if the show was going to be back and Edward James Olmos with it. A truly shocking moment. (Luckily, I didn't start watching until S2, so I just scrambled to secure the first of the second season episodes after I finished my DVDs.)

1. Star Trek: The Next Generation, S3: "Best of Both Worlds" (Part 1)

Captain Jean-Luc Picard is no more, Locutus of Borg having taken his place. Commander Riker orders the Enterprise to fire upon the Borg ships containing our former beloved captain. It doesn't get more OMG WTF than this.

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Here's what I wrote about Lost the day after the finale:

I am one of those infuriated by the Lost finale. It is not because I do not understand it, or "get" it, or grok it. It is not because I was watching the show for the "wrong reasons." It is not because I require an answer to every single little mystery.

However, I do think the mysteries on the Island were important, and that they deserved much more attention than some hand-waving as ill-conceived hokum. I feel that the flash-sideways and the culmination there were trite, sappy, and robbed all the emotional power of the various sacrifices made. It was fanservice for a very specific type of fan. I am not that type of fan. Spoilers. )

And my further thoughts concerning the flash-sideways resolution:

Spoilers like whoa. )

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