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This season of Glee has not gotten off to the strongest start.

The first episode wasn't bad - it was pretty solid as Glee goes, and I thought the introduction of new characters was handled pretty well. Spoilers for Audition. )

Unfortunately, the second and third episodes of Glee this season have been awful.

Spoilers for Britney/Brittany. )

Where the second episode was ludicrous, the third settled into a firm parody of itself. I respect that they tried to show the various aspects of spirituality and the issues of spirituality in school, but they did it in ham-fisted and bludgeoning terms.

Spoilers for Grilled Cheesus. )

What happened to you, Glee? Did you find yourself renewed for two more seasons and just decide you didn't have to try at all anymore?

I just can't get my hopes up for "Duets."
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Day 03 - Your favorite new show (aired this TV season)

Here we have a tie for Community and Glee, with Community edging slightly ahead of the Fox juggernaut. See, Community has been of consistent quality throughout its first season, with only a few slight dips. When Glee has slipped qualitatively, it's been bad.

However, I talked about Community yesterday, and you should totally just read that post again. And watch the clips. Again. They're funny! (Quixote doesn't care if we talked about Community just yesterday, that's his answer again today.)

My delight in Glee is founded on a love of musical theatre, singing along to good songs, an appreciation for ridiculous plots, and a willingness to watch awful people if they're funny enough. Almost everyone on the show is a reprehensible human being to some degree, and I'm okay with that. They're fictional: I don't have to respect them. I'm just here to dig their music and absurdity.

Okay, my relationship with the show has gotten deeper and more complex than that since the show began, but I don't really want to get mired in a discussion of its major issues right now: it's been getting some things right, but it's been doing even more so very wrong.

I am failing at not beginning an actual analysis of Glee. This post stops here!

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