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Jun. 8th, 2010 03:10 pm
infinitejest: (big bang theory: penny/sheldon)
A few weeks ago, I spent an incredibly stressful early afternoon driving in Atlanta traffic. Drivers here are reckless and aggressive, which is in no way my favorite combination ever. I'd nearly missed our exit thanks to this behavior, and then had a harrowing change of lanes just after the near miss.

By the time we got to a stoplight where I could breathe, I was white-knuckled in my grip on the steering wheel and hunched forward in my seat. And although my husband had attempted to be helpful earlier with lane-checks and the like, this was the point at which he offered the most productive assistance.

He reached over, rubbing my neck gently, and sang "Soft Kitty."

Between the resulting laughter and the soothing comfort of the lyrics, I was right as rain in a minute's time. That's geek love.

* * *

Apropos of the phrase "geek love," how many of you have heard the song of the same title by Sophia Echegaray? You can listen to the song here: it's cute, and I really recommend it.

Geek Love Lyrics! )

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