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infinitejest: (10th kingdom: wolf at the door)
  • 10th kingdom: wolf at the door
Comment: Icon by LJ user cadhla, featuring Wolf from THE 10TH KINGDOM.
infinitejest: (big bang theory: penny/sheldon)
  • big bang theory: penny/sheldon
Comment: Icon by [profile] makarosh, featuring Penny and Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory.
infinitejest: (big bang theory: started with a big bang)
  • big bang theory: started with a big bang
Comment: Icon by [personal profile] ladyofjest, featuring Penny & Sheldon from BBT.
infinitejest: (buffy: the wind speaks)
  • buffy: the wind speaks
Comment: Icon by [profile] typicrobot, featuring Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
infinitejest: (community: crazy pharaoh)
  • community: crazy pharaoh
Comment: Icon by LJ user fifteenminutes, featuring Donald Glover as Troy in NBC's Community.
infinitejest: (doctor who: bad wolf)
  • doctor who: bad wolf
Comment: Icon by [personal profile] saava, featuring TARDIS-Rose.
infinitejest: (doctor who: madman eleven)
  • doctor who: madman eleven
Comment: Icon by [personal profile] zoicite of [community profile] zoicite_icons, featuring the Eleventh Doctor.
infinitejest: (lost: don't tell locke)
  • lost: don't tell locke
Comment: Icon by [personal profile] infinitejest, using the awesome Locke promotional poster for Lost S6.
infinitejest: (ramona flowers has a big hammer)
  • ramona flowers has a big hammer
Comment: Icon by LJ user mccarthygirl, featuring Ramona Flowers in the film version of SCOTT PILGRIM.
infinitejest: (shakespeare: as you like it) (Default)
  • shakespeare: as you like it
Comment: Icon cropped from the DVD cover art, featuring Bryce Dallas Howard as Rosalind/Ganymede.
infinitejest: (star trek: kirk is awesome)
  • star trek: kirk is awesome
Comment: Icon by [personal profile] infinitejest, inspired by a motivational poster featuring the same caption.
infinitejest: (supernatural: dean's impala)
  • supernatural: dean's impala
Comment: Icon by crazypanda bear on LJ, featuring Dean's Impala from Supernatural.
infinitejest: (supernatural: fallen angels)
  • supernatural: fallen angels
Comment: Icon by crazypandabear on LJ, featuring Anna and Castiel from Supernatural.
infinitejest: (true blood: eric is high-maintenance)
  • true blood: eric is high-maintenance
Comment: Icon by poisoninjest on LJ, featuring Eric North and Sookie Stackhouse from HBO's True Blood.