Jun. 27th, 2010

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Day 20 - Favorite kiss

To figure this one out, I first reflected: Which kisses do I actually remember from various television shows?

The answer is: not many. Well. I remember plenty of kisses from True Blood but, to be fair, I've watched that recently and there are so very many of them. I also remember many of the kisses from Pushing Daisies, probably due in no little part to the involved conceit and them all taking place through plastic film.

I dredged up a few that I feel are important on a not-very-involved level, like the culmination of Scully and Mulder's relationship or how sweet and beautifully understated the Roslin/Adama kiss was after so much waiting.

But there were only two that really struck me with a thrill to think of even now, and it is these that must be my favorites. One of those is the Spike/Buffy kiss of S6... er, the one in the house that fell down. This is potentially not a popular opinion, and the whole season was problematic on a number of levels. Also, I don't have the wrist-resilience to really get into a proper discussion about it, so let's leave that one alone.

Therefore, my favorite kiss would be:

Spoilers for Veronica Mars S1! )

Quixote insists he has no answer for this question.

P.S. Ack, I almost forgot the Nine/Rose kiss...! However, my feelings on that one are complicated by wishing she'd had a better one with Ten and twisting in complete irritation over how RTD set that whole situation up. So, not an unvarnished favorite right now.

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Day 21 - Favorite 'ship

Without reservation, I give you:

Is there a 'ship so pure as Supernatural's Dean and the Impala? ;) I think not!

There are a couple others that I favor, such as Sookie/Eric (True Blood) and and the potentially controversial Ned/Olive (Pushing Daisies). However, my second favorite 'ship on television is also not romantic at all:

I ship snarky/platonic! )

Again, Quixote says he has no answer to this question... but he's also willing to concur with my primary answer.

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