May. 11th, 2010

infinitejest: (big bang theory: penny/sheldon)
For years, dear friends of mine had been crowing about the hilarity of this show called The Big Bang Theory. I'm partial to nerdhumor and a geek myself, so I figured I'd probably enjoy it... but I dragged my feet because the show's a sitcom. I finally succumbed on March 10th, getting the first disc of the first season from Netflix...

And I was up-to-date with the current season by May 3rd. ...yeah, I mainlined it. I couldn't help it! Such short, hilarious episodes. I quickly became accustomed to the laugh track and the show became an indispensable element of my relaxation routine.

I have many thoughts about this show, but one thing that quickly emerged was this: I ship Penny/Sheldon. Utterly and completely. Now, I don't ship them romantically on the show itself: as I'm fond of saying, "I ship snarky/platonic." I really believe that Sheldon is essentially asexual at this point on the show, however...

Oh, fanfic and AUs, you are naughty, tempting things.

Thanks to Disquietus and Daily OTP, I have been introduced to the awesome [personal profile] damalur.

Specifically, I was introduced to her Lifeverse... which I couldn't stop reading.

Which led me to perusing the rest of that community and finding:
"The God of Clockwork & Strings"

As Penny would say, "holy crap on a cracker!" That fic is amazing. Once I figured out what she was doing, I was all agog at her daring and that she pulls it off. I, just... if you like Penny/Sheldon, if you like a little experiment with your fiction, if you like an intelligent read with the humor of the show and little, painful icicles of beautiful pathos and the infinitude of what-might-have-been... just read it. And then read it again.

[personal profile] damalur, I applaud you!

Now, if you'll excuse me... the lovely [personal profile] blueinsideout sent me a massive rec-mail of Penny/Sheldon fic and I need to dive right in!

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