May. 10th, 2010

infinitejest: (doctor who: mad man)
Besides work, I spent this weekend reading an interesting-yet-slow book of British folklore research before finally finishing my last final today, yay!

After a day full of study, of course, and fic after fic of BBT Penny/Sheldon because I couldn't stop and I was introduced to [personal profile] damalur!

So, in the realm of "my fandom gets inside me":

Saturday night, I went to bed with a stomachache. I then spent the entire night dreaming that the Doctor was trying to fix me, but begrudgingly because one of his Companions wanted it so. And which Doctor do you think I dreamt of then? was One. Yes, my dear Mr. Hartnell was very curmudgeonly at me and insisted on my taking these pink pills which were rather too large for me to swallow in my ill state. I ended up crushing them up in a cup, pouring in some water from the tap, and chugging as many times as it took to get the bitter medicine down. It tasted awful.

But the approving expression on the Doctor's face made it all worth it. And, weirdly enough, he kept wavering between One and Four (my original Doctor).

Yeah, I don't know. These things happen.

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