May. 4th, 2010

infinitejest: (true blood: eric is high-maintenance)
I swear I'm not trying to make this the "all Alexander Skarsgard all the time!" channel, but I'm supposed to be writing a term paper right now and so my distractions are shiny and simple.

So, when my friend J points out this photo shoot for V Man?

I can't help but share with you my thought processes:
Picture 1: LOL! Skarsgard, honey, you are such a doofus.
Picture 2: Ha, bedhead! It also looks like he just woke up and is all "Wot? Do I smell bacon?"

At this point, the fact that I'd thought about his sleep-tousled hair and his breakfast proclivities caught up with me and my mind derailed. The shutdown of my higher thought functions was complete by the time I got to this picture.

If I were Jayne, I'd sign off on this post by saying I'd be in my bunk. Except I'm not, and there is this paper to be written, so instead I'll just drift off with eyes slightly glazed.


May. 4th, 2010 08:21 pm
infinitejest: (supernatural: dean's impala)
Over the years, Supernatural has emerged as a show heavily dependent on Judeo-Christian mythology. Sure, they've dabbled in countless cultures and the monsters and spirits thereof; however, a show about the Judeo-Christian apocalypse must de facto give that belief system precedence.

This has led to a most unfortunate inconsistency.

A couple of weeks ago, 5.19 aired. In this episode, entitled "Hammer of the Gods", the Winchesters are captured by various gods from non-Christian pantheons as those gods try to figure out how best to use them as bargaining chips against the Judeo-Christian forces currently waiting to tear the world apart.

This episode had so much potential, but instead further muddied Supernatural's mythos.

Spoilers up to 5.19 no doubt lurk behind this cut. )

Speaking of Lucifer, Lost starts in three minutes! Gotta run.

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